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The Best Paint Protection in Tracy

Guy’s Auto provide cars film for the paint protection needs of the Central Valley. In San Joaquin County we are subject to highly variable temperatures and environmental contaminants. From rain and temperatures that can drop to freezing in the winter, to scorching heat in the summer the citizens of our county are exposed to a lot of variables. With the weather variability of our region also comes added stress on the paint. With the cars film offered at Guy’s Auto we protect the vehicle from common environmental hazards and premature aging.

Clear Bra (aka cars film and paint protection film) is known as the king of paint protection in auto detailing circles. Clear bra is a transparent film that protects vulnerable areas, or the entire vehicle, from damage from rock chips, insect acids, road salt, water spots, oxidation, tree sap, premature aging & more! Backed by a twelve year manufacturers warranty, Ceramic Pro Kavaca clear bra helps maintain the highest value of resale for a vehicle while keeping protected portions of the vehicle from common damage and premature aging. For a free quote for your vehicle, please click here!

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Clear Bra Packages

If you’re serious about paint protection, clear bra provides top-of-the-line paint protection. The film possesses self healing technology that heals itself in the sun if a small rock chip comes into contact with the film. Please scroll through the packages below for additional information regarding each package.  

Partial Clear Bra Package

  • Front 18-20″ of hood
  • Front Bumper
  • Side Mirrors

Full Front Clear Bra Package

  • Full Hood Protection
  • Full Fender Protection
  • Full Front Bumper Protection

Entire Car Package

  • Full Hood Protection
  • Full Fender Protection
  • Full Roof Protection
  • Front & Rear Bumper Protection
  • Door Panel Protection

Custom Clear Bra

  • Protect The Sections That You Need Protected
  • Any Section of A Vehicle Can Be Protected by Clear Bra